Nothing to Envy

North Korea remains the most inaccessible – and the most unfilmable – place in the world. A country that bans foreign journalists and restricts movement, it has hitherto been impossible to capture the reality of what has occurred here since it was established in 1948. Since that time reports have emerged of atrocious human rights abuses and widespread poverty and famine. North Korea is a country that affords its citizens little in the way of pluralism and freedom of expression, with one of the most tightly controlled medias in the world (Reporters without Borders ranked freedom of the press in North Korea as 177th out of 178). The Communist regime that has controlled the northern half of the Korean peninsula since 1948 is arguably the most totalitarian in modern world history.

This is a country that rules over its people with an iron fist.

This film will tell the story of a few of those who manage to escape.

Nothing to Envy is a feature length animated film about life inside one of the most impenetrable and brutal regimes in the world. Told through the stories of defectors, this film will combine testimony with rich and vivid animation to provide an unprecedented insight into the lives of ordinary North Koreans.